St Helena Island Tours, BYO Lunch (Newstead Departure)

Fra AUD 45,00 AU$
  • Varighed: 6 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Newstead, Queensland
  • Produkt kode: SHINSTD

River and Bay cruise to Brisbane’s best kept secret “hell hole of the south pacific”. St Helena Island is only 6 km SE of the Brisbane River mouth. 

Includes morning tea and guided tour.  Adults  $45  Children  $25

BYO picnic lunch.

Bookings available through our office for other dates.  Please call our Fabulous Booking Crew on 07 3630 2666

St Helena was a penal settlement for Queensland’s most hardened prisoners from 1867 to 1932. Officials travelled here from all parts of the world to study the settlement's techniques.  A most important feature being that the island was self sufficient. The prisoners grew their own food and crops, made their own boots hats and uniforms and exported goods to the mainland.

Our continuing research unearthed BUSHRANGER Captain Starlight alias Walter Gordon as a St Helena inmate!

Aboriginal usage of the Island dates back over 2,400 years.

The remaining buildings are over 100 years old.  They are made from a locally quarried beach rock joined together with cement made from the island’s lime kiln.

ESCAPES: Only about 3 prisoners escaped in 65 years.  In modern prisons, it’s about 3 escapes per month. Was this low figure due to the isolation OR the SHARKS that were actively encouraged around the island by throwing in blood, offal and meat scraps?

TOURS: This is our first historic national park.  There is restricted access with an accredited tour guide only. A gentle walk of about 2 hours with our entertaining tour guide will recapture the spirit of this “hell hole of the south pacific” as we visit the blacksmith shop, punishment yard, the black hole, museum, sugar mill, cemetery, lime kiln and the beach rock quarry.

People travel all the way to Port Arthur and Norfolk Island to see similar penal settlements - and yet this special Historic National Park and bird haven is right on our own doorstep!                         

“We‘ll whip you into shape so you don’t become a prison inmate”. 

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